touchscreen broken?

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    in a screen protector removal accident, my dslites touchscreen got fucked up
    what i did was take out the black border around the screen to pry the protector off because i couldnt with it on but in the process the big plastic thing that goes into the ds got pulled out (my assumption is that it controls the screen because the screen wont work without it) and the touchscreen wont really work anymore. on the health in warning screen i ca touch and go to the menu but nothing works there. recalibrating makes it work temporarely. the acekard menu works barely, in games wont work at all, but the lameboy menu works when touched.

    any ideas on what is wrong and how to fix it? i do not really want to send my ds to nintendo (btw, how long would it take for me to get it back if i sent it).

    not that this is the cause, but the plastic thing is scratched now, is there any replacement to it.
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    What's wrong is that you f***** it up. You didn't have to pry the black border thing out. To remove a screen protector, all you have to do is stick a piece of tape on one of the corners and pull. By doing what you did, you just voided your warranty by tampering with the hardware. Anyways, contact Nintendo and see if they can do anything for you.
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    The DS Lite touchscreen has 3 layers, you poked the 1st layer which is the plastic. I did mine back then. Get a replacement touchscreen and replace the old one.