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    Apr 22, 2011
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    Right so yesterday I charged my 3DS and took it with me when I went out to dinner in hopes I'd get a few StreetPass tags.

    When I came back I opened it and it was fine, but when I opened up StreetPass Mii Plaza to check who I've tagged, looking at the bottom screen (which displays a green box with controls, if you don't know what SP Mii Plaza looks like), I noticed there are vertical white "static-y" lines moving about the screen. They're not all that clear and obvious, but they are bothering me. What's weird is that before opening up SP Mii Plaza, I didn't see these lines on the menu, so I started opening up different titles and trying out different settings, and here's what I noticed:
    • So far, the only two places where I can see this are in SP Mii Plaza, and when I open a folder in the home menu (but only barely), because the menu behind the folder turns dark grey, and apparently these lines appear when the bottom screen displays dark colours. I couldn't think of other places where I could have the bottom screen displaying a dark colour to further investigate the issue. (Totally black screens look fine)
    • I usually have Power Saving mode OFF, and when I tried turning it on, the lines were almost invisible in the locations I mentioned earlier. They're pretty much impossible to detect unless you're paying seriously close attention.
    • I've tried setting the brightness to 4 and 5, same result. (It was set to 5 when I first noticed the problem)
    • Here's one point that particularly bothers me. I don't actually think this is a hardware problem, because when I'm in SP Mii Plaza and white lines appear, if I go to Find Mii, the lines disappear, despite the bottom screen displaying the exact same green image, without flashing, or going dark or anything. It's exactly the same, yet when I'm in Find Mii, there are no lines,so I'm having a seriously tough time understanding exactly where the problem could come from. In fact I'm not actually sure this started last night, because the last time I opened up StreetPass Mii Plaza was right before that system update 2 days ago, so it would make more sense that this is a software problem, but I don't understand how an update could possibly affect how the screen displays dark backgrounds.
    • Apparently I'm not the only one. After doing some googling, there are others with my problem, and at this point I am honestly confused. If I were to send it for repairs, what would they fix?
    If you're interested in reading more about this issue check it out here,

    If you guys want me to upload a video I'll do it as soon as I get my laptop later today or tomorrow.

    Any ideas? I am honestly shit scared. There is no Nintendo service centre here, and I don't want to rely on these really shady shops I don't really trust.