Top 10 Platform Games for the Nintendo DS

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    Mar 13, 2010
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    The list I've put together is in video form. Don't worry, I'm NOT some lazy sleaze who's used Windows Movie Maker to put together a few images of box-art together. It's a well-put together video. You can watch it below

    Or you can follow this link:

    And my YouTube channel is:

    Feel free to watch my other top 10's and DS reviews. People are saying they're professional and detailed, but I try to be modest. :-)

    Oh, and feel free to tell me your favorite DS platformers. Was your favorite missed from the list?
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    Good guide. I'm glad Castlevania was up there!

    You should start doing upcoming DS game videos. Like, find out the games for the month, and tell a little about each one at the beginning of the month.