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    Mar 14, 2019
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    So as many people who are familiar with Three Houses save editing and codes know, the code that unlocks everything in the Extras menu also seems to also add an unrealistic amount of renown to files started in NG+. I figured that the reason may be that it causes the game to be counted as completed several times over. I am thinking that the system file has this stored somewhere, and that it can be edited to prevent this in the future. I'm not the most experienced in hex editing, though I have done it in the past with both Three Houses and FE Warriors.

    I started this so the community can possibly start to look into this and see if it is possible. It'd be nice to have this problem solved in case the save is to be transferred to a new Switch system or just to make things less tedious when starting a new file. I have attached my current system file if anyone wants to work with it.

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