Thinking of getting the Nyko PP+

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by DiscostewSM, Aug 26, 2011.

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    I just have a few questions to those who have bought one.

    1) I'm thinking of getting the battery+dock, as I extensively use the stock dock when charging my 3DS, but after reading reviews online, people suggest not to buy the combo and just get the battery. Has anyone had problems with the dock, or believes the dock isn't worth it?

    2) I have a DSTWO, and I hear that with the PP+, it creates a problem with that flashcard because the battery pushes up against the card slot. Does it really make a problem with the battery (in terms of inserting and removing the card)?
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    1. Results vary since your charging the batteries (The PP+ is 2 batteries) directly instead of through the 3DS contacts.

    2. You got that backwards. The PP+ is flush with the 3DS. The DS2 is fatter than a regular cart and pushes on the slot. The slot being right next to the battery. If you got problems inserting and removing the DS2, you can loosen the screws slightly that hold the battery until you got enough room where the DS2 can move. In some cases you might want to carry a mini scewdriver with you in the event you need to remove the DS2.
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