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Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by jackerz59, Jan 24, 2014.

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    May 11, 2013
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    search on used websites like craigslist or what ever your local sites are. The cheapest I see them go around here is $20.00 but that's daily searching for bargain price. Just use youtube to get free mcboot. I was sceptical and paid some guy off the net to send me a premade memory card.
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    For softmod the better choice is to go for a phat model and not a slim. This is because only the phat can use an internal HDD and that is the most convenient method for playing backups.

    Free Mcboot is the softmod method for allowing hombrew and game backups to be played. It is installed on a memory card and takes up a good chunk of space so you will likely want at least one more memory card for game saves. The easiest way to get free mcboot is to have some one install it on your memory card for you. The installer I believe has to do something unique to the memory cards address so you can not just use a PS2 to copy free mcboot, you have to run the installer and tell it what memory card to install it on.

    If you can't find someone or a service to do it for you it is not that difficult. I did it myself. Basically you need a compatible PS2 game, for me I used Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake eater. The freemcboot site has a tutorial but basically I had to rip the game and use some software tools to replace a specific file in the image. I had to name it the same as the original file and burn this modified image to a DVD. Then basically I booted up the real game, opened up my PS2 to allow easy swapping of the modified disc. Then once the game is running from the backup I had to take the action in the game that executes the modified file, for MGS3 it was simply selecting the option to download camouflage and bam the file browser app launched, I picked the free mcboot installer and ran it and installed it to the memory card and have been good to go ever since.
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    You should stop thinking and get one already. :angry:

    Seriously though, as stated above, a classic PS2 with a Network Adapter and an HDD is the best possible combination you can get, however Slims aren't half bad since you can load games via an Ethernet cable anyways, and worst case scenario there's USB. Saying that you can't connect an HDD to a Slim is also incorrect, somewhat. You can, the interface is there, it just requires quite a bit of soldering.

    As far as modding is concerned, all it takes is inserting a FreeMCBoot memory card and you're done - you can make one yourself using one of numerous exploits or have one made for you by someone who already has FreeMCBoot.
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