Thinking of getting a DSTWO

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  1. dragonblood9999

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    Sep 27, 2007
    SO i am thinking of getting a Supercard DSTWO for when i get my 3ds, and i wanted to know how the gba emulation is.
    mainly i want to know if i can play these games all the pokemon games, all the megaman battle network games, the robopon games, the boktai games(1,2 and 3) and finely mother 3.
    does it have GBC emulation, if it does does it work with robopon sun(as in can save and reload the game)? hows the snes and nes emulation?
  2. user64

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    Aug 14, 2013
    Canada According to the wiki it plays the Robopon, Pokemon, and Megaman battle network games run at 60FPS with minimal bugs, and mother 3 at 30FPS. From my personal experience, the emulation in tempGBA is very good, save for 3D shooters and such.

    CATSFC, the SNES emulator is very accurate, though it can be slow, especially when emulating games that used a Super FX chip. Mario rom hacks and such are fine though.

    Any 3DS flashcart can do GBC, I suggest using the gameyob emulator, same for NES, I suggest using nesDS.

    I've had a good experience with emulation on my Supercard DSTWO.

    EDIT: I assume you'd be using a patch for the solar sensor, right? I don't think tempGBA emulates that...