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    Introducing Theme Plaza, a new website for 3ds themes, Luma splashes and more! (soon).

    We ran a question thread/beta test with /r/3dshacks, all of which were successful and we're now proud to announce we have a final released product!

    The URL is

    So off the bat, right now it's pretty barebones, we support themes and splashes at the moments but plan to expand into b9s anims (probably will be the last thing because the checks will likely be intensive), FBI themes, badges and more (when more comes).

    For clarification, when I say item, it just means a catch all term for any kind of upload.

    So what's supported with themes is as follows:
    • Titles (hurr)
    • Short descriptions: Will be displayed on the site and in the theme
    • Long descriptions: To be used for... well... a longer description on the website.
    • QR codes for apps such as Themely
    • name.txt automatic generation for programs such as Howling
    • NSFW content is allowed!
    • BGM Info for song names and such
    • Tagging for ease of search
    • Metadata display, a good example for this would be
    What's supported with Splashes is as follows:
    • Same as above but without metadata
    • Allows you to either upload a png/jpg to the site for it to be converted into a splash
    • Or alternatively you can upload the .bin files straight to the site
    How does the search work?

    The search is kinda both the filter and a searching tool combined.
    All these examples are encapsulated in backticks (`), they are not part of the filter.

    First off, NSFW content.

    The site has 2 types of NSFW content.
    Safe (SFW)
    Sketchy (Questionable/suggestive material but not full on nudity)

    By default, the filters are set to only display SFW content, but you can bypass this without logging in by using the filters.
    So for example, if you wish to display all content including nsfw, sketchy and safe content, all you need to do is `nsfw:all` in the search bar.
    This will display all content with no restrictions, however, if you wish to only say display sketchy and nsfw content, you can do `nsfw:sketchy,nsfw` or if you just want nsfw content, `nsfw:nsfw` and so on.
    You can mix and match filters like that.

    Another option is to register and change the default display level in your profile to NSFW, which will by default always show all themes regardless of their safety limit.

    Next up, tags!

    Tags are fairly simple, all you need to do in the search area is for example, `tag: pokemon`, or if you want more than one tag, `tag: pokemon,smeargle` and so on (without the spaces, Xenforo keeps thinking it's a smiley :|).
    We'll be adding tag negation to hide content at some point down the line.

    How do I search by user?

    User filters are pretty simple! All you need to do is: `user:Ryumaru` and you'll filter to all themes from that user!

    What about plain old searches?

    By default, with no filters, searches will search item titles.

    Can I mix plain searches, nsfw filters and tags together for one big search/filter?

    Yep! Just put a space between them.

    How does the upload system work?

    So, when you upload an item, the item is put into a pool for approval by an admin, once done, everyone will see your theme.
    If you get 5 approved themes in a row, the site will automatically approve your themes from that point onwards.
    If you get a theme rejected however, it'll reset your streak, meaning you'll have to get 5 approved themes in a row again to earn back the auto-approve privilege.

    We're not super strict when it comes to content however, we've only rejected one theme so far and that was due to it being a dupe.
    If you mess up with the NSFW tag, odds are we'll correct and just approve it, but if you constantly get it wrong time after time, then we'll probably start rejecting your themes.


    We have a Discord if you're interested in joining the chatter or just want to come by to say hi!
    We've got channels for site help, suggestions, theme requests, theming help, shitposting, nsfw channels and more!
    The invite link is:

    What's to come:

    We still have a lot to go, more submission types, automatic theme preview generation on the site and so on but the biggest key things we're doing (maybe in this order) are:
    • Social aspect (profiles, galleries, private messages etc)
    • Comments on items
    • Dislikes (eventually but it's lowish priority) Scrapped idea!
    Right now we want to get those out before we start working other stuff, so please hold off on "when's x y and z", we'll get to most stuff in due time.
    We're pretty open to most suggestions so feel free to ask stuff, but just remember, the site is only 13-14 days old, please don't expect everything to be perfect! :)


    Q: Why doesn't the site already have x y or z/why is this broken??
    A: The site is only a few days old, we're not perfect and we have full time jobs!

    Q: So who works on this?
    A: Me and @al2k4, we both know each other IRL and work on quite a few projects together!

    Q: Are you looking for developers?
    A: No, sorry.

    Q: Will the site be open source?
    A: As the site uses a proprietary framework (same that's in use with s-ul which is technically commercial), we can't open source it.
    Sorry about that!

    Q: How do we know you wont just abandon this project?
    A: We've worked together on quite a lot of projects that are still going today, one of which is a fairly popular file uploader service called s-ul ( which has been going since around 2013 (previously a private kind of service), so we have the servers for this kind of project and the storage/bandwidth/knowhow.
    We've never abandoned a project before so this will not be an exception.

    Q: What about drama, will you get caught up in that?
    A: No, we've dealt with silly community drama before and we're sick of it. We're both in our mid twenties (almost for me) and we have more important things to do.

    Q: Can I swap out the uploaded files in my theme for new ones?
    A: No, maybe some time down the line but not now at least.

    Q: Why are BGM previews only 20 seconds long?
    A: Storage mostly, BGMs are the biggest item on the site, so if we can trim them down to an actual preview, we can save both storage space and bandwidth.

    Never mind, I vastly overestimated the size of themes, limit has been removed now but a fade in still exists to prevent peoples ears getting blown out

    Q: Will you have an API?
    A: Actually pretty soon I'd say, I said before we'd get one if it started seeing decent usage of the service and sure enough people are enjoying it, so yes.

    Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the site!
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    yw :creep:
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    the site is looking really nice

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    would it be posible for the music to play as soon as u click the theme instead of clicking play on the player
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    Bit skeptical given it's a new user but the site looks okay. i'll throw mine up there because why not hey. Will throw up my badge sets there too when you add badge support. Pretty cool.

    Edit: I've been on the site and their discord a week now. Good site, good people.
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    Naisu Spaisu.
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    Never really needed to have an account on gbatemp before now, so excuse my newness :)

    If you want a bit more affirmation, here's my reddit account:
    I'm a lot more active on there.

    Thanks btw!

    Unfortunately notas this would annoy far too many people, autoplays are sorta a taboo of the internet.

    Thanks also
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    Nsfw 7u7. Probably i will enter to design my own themes and share on this page 7u7.
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    Mmm...I guess this is pretty cool, but also, I mean, already exists and is more than adequate; why fragment an already relatively small userbase?
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    People don't trust Erman.
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    Chicago, IL, seriously?
    What kind of asinine forum drama did I miss from not being able to be around over the past month?
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    Whys that? What happened?
  12. Ranidu
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    Hey I never said I know why they don't trust him, I just said they don't.
    Go ask someone who checks into GBATemp drama :P
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    He made the source code of Themely private and removed all contributions, also he said not really nice things here and got a tempban. But this shouldn't be the topic of this thread, having more than one theme site is great.
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    Website approved, I liked the structure and organization.
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    Feb 17, 2017
    Been using this since beta. It's much, much better than
  17. Ev1l0rd

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    I can give out my support and will be posting my themes on this site from now on. Nice to see you got through the manual activation difficulties. Looking forward to using this as my main way of posting themes!

    Dude's legit. I participated in the beta and added my own themes already.
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    Added to bookmark *
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    there should be an option to add credits about things of the theme, because it can happen that a theme has not been made 100% by only one person, so it should be interesting to add some things like
    "background picture : X"
    "music : Y"
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    bookmarked and loving it. amazing site dude, good job
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    will there be a way to browse themes you've favorited?