The Witcher 3 world map comparison

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    I'm not sure how legit this map is but thought it would be fun to share:


    I believe the standard edition come with a paper map in the case as well as artwork and an audio CD!
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    What about Just Cause 2?
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    Dude! This game looks so epic, I've never played the first two but I'm so gonna get this on my PC. :hrth:
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    Aug 12, 2014
    I've played for about 7/8 hours on my PS4 and it is the game of dreamers. There is so much to lose yourself in, the lore and storytelling is just incredible, even compared to narratives like The Last of Us, Skyrim or even the previous witcher games. CD Project Red have really outdone themselves this time - still DRM free for PC gamers. You can buy this game on GOG.

    For a fantasy fan, it is an amazing game. The voice acting is fantastic, even side quests are intricately structured. Every NPC you talk to is interesting, with their own personality that really shows through on their character design and voice acting. There are loads and loads of dungeons, camps and little side tidbits to explore. Completing one area of the map is a monumental task. Levelling is done very well, with enemies that don't level with you, instead there are areas with different difficulty levels. Being level 5 and running into a level 14 wraith is terrifying and you simply have to run and come back later. Customising Garalt is easier than either of the previous games, loads of armour options and loads of swords. The levelling advancement is up to you, there is no right or wrong way. Want to focus on potions and oils? Then you can. Want to focus more on battle skills like sword damages? You can. Want to be more of a mage and use signs more? You can level those more. But there is a point - the character advancement is limited and you can't use every skill you level, you have to be picky about it.

    I truly love this game already and i'll probably soak more hours into it than any other in my possession. I'm not a big fan of the card game, it's pretty slow and boring. I preferred dice myself.
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    i always found that these map comparisons are completely useless. compare skyrim's world to GTA V's for one. anyone who played both games will agree that skyrim's the bigger world. or at least it feels bigger. and that's what matters.

    also some games have HUGE maps, but not a lot of content in them. just cause 2 for example is a huge world but its filled with huge areas of nothing. i hear witcher 3 may have the same thing.
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    Does FUEL still win?
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    I have not put as much time into GTA5 as I might like but I would compare its map favourably to Skyrim's. That said I will have to consider things more as I found it easier to make my own fun with GTA than I did Skyrim (though I would say in some ways I preferred earlier Elder Scrolls for that and definitely Fallout 3's).

    As for Just Cause 2 the military bases blended together and that did not help matters but I usually found something to do, on the other hand the grappling hook and rope mechanic I found to really make things enjoyable for me.

    All that said I would definitely agree with the "it is not the size but how you use it" sentiment.
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    Aug 12, 2014

    No, there are very small areas of nothing. You'll always find something after running a little while, a decrepted village, a bandit camp. It isn't a huge area of nothing. Witcher 3 is literally filled to the brim.
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    40-50 hours in, I accidentally have lost myself just wondering around the world. I've also yet to graze even 1/4 of the actual game world. This game is very near something I'd say the perfect RPG currently available. If you would add the movement of Assassin's Creed to Witcher 3 (as in, remove the slightly annoying jaggedness of the character/character on horse), the game would be gameplay wise as close to something I'd love to be modded far beyond Skyrim and the likes. Luckily CD Projekt has seldom let people down in the face of modding and improving the offering.. ;)
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    That was me first thought as well.

    Just Cause 2 is massive, JC3 is going to be bigger.
  11. Joe88

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    jc2 is 923km^2
    so yeah, it dwarfs everything else by a long shot