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    Jan 24, 2016

    Hello GBAtemp, I decided to write a "Dictionary" on 3dsHomebrew Hope you enjoy
    I will write this in sections based on subjects! So sit back and relax and read on!
    this is a work in progress, i will add as much as I can.

    emuNAND: The NAND that boots off a SD Card (See CFW)
    Context: "The emuNAND does not cause bricks"

    sysNAND: The NAND that comes with your System
    Context: "The sysNAND is a risky thing to play with"

    NAND: The Nintendo System that comes with your console, or its "emulated" from a SD card (See sysNAND and emuNAND)
    Context: "Don't overwrite the NAND in FBI"

    A9LH: The future of CFW's as the "Master Race" Puts it
    Context: "We are the a9lh master race!"

    CFW: A CFW (Custom FirmWareis the object of patching the "emuNAND" (or even the sysNAND) and letting it run custom .cia's (See rxTools ,ReiNAND)
    Context: "I don't use a CFW"

    rxTools: A type of CFW (Custom FirmWare) that allows both sysNAND and emuNAND to be used as a CFW (Or signature patching)it includes a game dumper, key dumper, sysNAND and emuNAND backup support, and much much more. (see CFW)
    Context: "I use rxTools as my CFW"

    ReiNAND: Another type of CFW (I don't know much on ReiNAND) (see CFW)
    Context: "ReiNAND is much much better then any CFW"

    Menuhax: Most commonly used along side browserhax, and is the most used hax payload ever. (See browserhax)

    Browserhax: Used along side Menuhax it's main focus is to access the homebrew launcher to install another payload (see Menuhax)

    Ironhax: Once used before the menuhax era it was a good hax payload until its death in september 2015

    Ninjhax: Used alongside Cubic Ninja the proccess was simple, place the starter kit onto your system and scan a QR code.

    Oothax: One of the other popular hax payload, it needs a powersave of some sort and a copy of Ocarina Of Time3D.

    Soft Brick: Most commonly happens after failing a Downgrade (See also Hard Brick and Downgrade)

    Hard Brick: Most commonly happens when a failing a downgrade or messing with the NAND (See also Soft Brick and Downgrade)

    Downgrade: Moving the system to a diffrent version, most commonly 9.2 to install a CFW (See CFW, ReiNAND, and rxTools)
    Soon™: A Gateway Meme
    Context: "Gateway 5.0 coming Soon™"

    (name)HAX: Well known joke in the Edge of the Forums.
    Context: "LES MAK DINsHAX"

    Oooooo whatcha smea: Just found this in a signature and found it funny
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    Good job!
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    +1 internet
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