The future of Rominator

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Although Windsur is making a very valuable work upon updating the Rominator database, I think it is time for the community to discuss the future of Rominator, and hopefully come to action in order to make things moving.

    I think the main feature would be to open source Rominator. I even remember a discussion began about it but quickly died.

    So I am bringing back this subject because it is now clear that Rominator needs an update that Hankchill, despite his goodwill, humanly can't deliver to us. At this point we have three solutions.

    The first is to continue this way, until everything collapse and we remain with nothing. It's currently what we are doing, and it would be pretty naive (no offense to anyone) to think it will goes on like that forever. That's why we all need to take a new direction.

    The second solution, and first possibility would be to write a program from scratch, open sourced with the help of all goodwills here, whose first aim would be to mimic Rominator, and second aim, to do better than Rominator. It would be nice, but also would be a lot of work, and I would feel somewhat bad to Hankchill.

    So, here comes the third solution, the best one in my humble opinion : open-sourcing Rominator. We can open-source it fully, or just give access to the code to a few selected one, not enough for the thing to be 'unsecured", but enough to keep the work going on if people quit any reason.

    In both case, it would have many benefits, such as resuming work, keeping the Rominator and Hankchill legacy, and making things only going better (GBA and DSi renaming anyone ?), since there would be no need to write from scratch. Also, we would keep the cross platform availability of Rominator (which I am sensible to, being on Mac).

    I want to make clear it wouldn't mean putting Hankchill off. It would remains his project, and he could even remains as a senior manager, validating suggestions, giving technical advices, etc.) This way, he could continue to work on Rominator, without having to scarify his personal life.

    Once again, I want to make clear two main points:
    - I am fine with Hankchil and perfectly understand his position but
    - a such needed program as Rominator can't be forever depending on the shoulders of one sole man.

    Thank you for reading, all suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism are welcome. This is the opening of a discussion, not a dogma to the masses. ;-)