The Conduit crashing?

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  1. brianBTB

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    Feb 9, 2011
    United States

    Recently I got ahold of a new copy of the conduit 1 to replace my old one, which was covered in scratches.

    I am having these three issues. The game is brand new, no scratches.

    1. The game crashes, the screen freezes, and a load buzzing occurs whenever the MK4 Deatomizer is used.
    2. After a short time of ANY multiplayer, the game crashes in the same way.
    3. When I use certain ocarina codes, ( the game never starts but remains on a black screen.

    This happens both on USB loader and using disk. It also happened with my old, scratched disk.

    Any ideas what may be happening?

  2. mrpinkeye

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    Mar 26, 2011
    having the same issues. just posted in my conduit thread. thought it was my softmod but maybe its just the servers and an update will fix it?

    mine will also always try putting me in the same game and it will crash on the level loading screen everytime [​IMG]

    *** my bad, im talking about conduit 2, just noticed this thread is for conduit 1***