The "Bring the vWii-Mode to Tablet"-Thread

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    Nothing is impossible. Crediar show this with his Dios-Mios. It´s the best example. The Wii can´t use USB or SD in GameCube-Mode but make it possible and now the Wii can Use USB and SD in Gamecube-Mode.

    Now we need the next big thing, that Nintendo has screwed. vWii-Mode on Tablet! We can do so much with that. Playing virtual console, without waiting and rebuying for the Wii-U virtual console version. Playing Wii-Games on tablet. Playing GameCube-Games on tablet and using all other Homebrew on tablet. The vWii-Mode is open, so why shouldn´t this possible? We need only the interface to transfer the picture from console to tablet as the Wii U use.

    I for me use the tablet to playing before sleepling. I´m on my bed and play with the tablet Wii U games and it´s great, but it would be more great when it is possible to play Wii on tablet.

    I hope some developers think, that this idea is good. I know it´s hard work, because it´s not enough to bring the picture to the tablet, the tablet must emulate the Wii-Mote and, if it should be possible to play GameCube Games the tablet must emulate the GameCube-Controller, but with enough sweat and blood it can be true.
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    Well, first off --- some things are impossible; I'm not saying this is one of them... but even with the great strides Crediar has made with DIOS MIOS, it is still severely limited in potential compared to Devolution by nature of the hack.

    In the same DM / Devo line of logic, it may very well be possible to make use of the gamepad from vWii, but it would probably be far easier to do so with an actual U mode hack --- where additional exploits to make use of the U-specific hardware isn't as necessary. Asking for gamepad support on vWii, with the current publicly available* knowledge, is similar to asking for gamepad support on a real Wii.

    * Explicitly stating publicly available since there is no doubt in my mind that there are some tricks hidden up our favorite devs' sleeves.
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  3. Ray Lewis

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    Marcan is the source. Comex may know, but I see tweets from Marcan that lead me to believe all is known now with Wii U. This is my guess, no proof. May want to ask megazig also but he may outright lie to you;-)
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    Oh my goodness, are you for real?
  5. Ghork

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    Oct 23, 2008
    Well I may not be so much into this matter, but I do believe getting it to work with vWii is at least as hard as getting it to work with a computer.
    You might be able to use the type of connection used for the Wii U Gamepad in vWii mode but to then be able to do something more than that...

    As for this kind of threads...
    I feel like they appear very often. Someone just saying "Hey let's hack the [console name here]! Well any ideas?" without knowing the first thing about hacking it and expecting that someone magically thanks to them will hack it.
    Not saying this thread is like all the others like that... but it's a bit like that.
  6. Memfis

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    Jul 18, 2010
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    You´ve right. I´m not a hacker. I have no idea how this works. But I have a dream and I hope other people have this, too.
  7. SoraK05

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    If I could put in my 2 cents, the Wii is basically a GameCube with faster hardware and extra hardware such as bluetooth, SD and USB.
    When in 'GameCube Mode', the speed is set to the speed of a GameCube, including memory, and disables the extra things the Wii has.
    When in 'Wii Mode' the speed and memory is higher and the extra things are enabled.

    I can imagine that something similar may be in effect on the Wii U, where the Wii U sets restrictions during the Virtual Wii similar to 'GameCube Mode' on a Wii. I believe anything that is a restriction in 'Virtual Wii Mode' would require having access to homebrew in Wii U Mode.

    DIOS MIOS uses little memory left in 'GameCube Mode' to do what it does. It does not allow for more features since it is limited to the memory left in 'GameCube Mode'.
    Devolution is using 'Wii Mode', and as such, since the hardware is the same, the GameCube functions are translated to work within Wii Mode and allow for access to the Wii Mode features such as USB, Speed and Memory.

    A 'Wii U Mode' devolution equivalent for 'Wii' should allow for restricted features.
  8. blaisedinsd

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    This would be an awesome thing to happen but I think the Wii U itself would have to be hacked to make it possible.

    IMO Nintendo really dropped the ball not including this feature natively. The game pad even has a built in sensor bar. I think the only reason they didn't allow this is because of their VC plans and marketing off TV play as a feature that has to be paid for. That being said if Nintendo sold the feature for a reasonable price and even if it did not include VC and Wiiware and only did Wii games and even if the gamepad controls were not supported (so that the gamepad is only a wii television screen and nothing else) I would still probably buy it. I don't think it would be difficult for Nintendo to implement if they wanted to.