Tempmas 2013, Week 2: A Tempmas Story

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    Is it time for Week 2 already? You didn't even give me time to drink my spiked Egg Nog. Alright, alright. We have some decent prizes this week, and they're only going to get better. This one is for the literary crowd. I hear you groaning. All you have to do is write a short holiday story about GBAtemp. (500-1000 words) Is that really too much to ask? Spin me a tale, my fair Tempers, and not only could you win one of three Gateway flashcarts, but you could also win one game of your choice from Steam (we won't impose any hard limits, but don't be unreasonable and ask for the Train Simulator Bundle with all DLC inluded, or anything like that).

    Sponsored in part by:







    1, If you won a prize last week, you cannot win a prize this week. If you win a prize this week OR have won a prize last week, you are eligible to win a prize for week 3 OR Week 4.

    2. Plagiarism is a no-no. Make sure all entries are written in your own words.

    3. One entry per member, per IP address.

    4. All entries must be between 500 and 1000 words total. (I won't make the upper limit a hard limit. You can go over the maximum within reason, but the minimum of 500 words is the absolute minimum.)

    5. All decisions are final. If you have a reason you think my judgement was wrong, feel free to PM me to discuss it, but in most cases, the winners are set in stone.

    6. Removing your submission after the contest is over is grounds for putting you on the Super Secret GBAtemp Event Blacklist. You will never even know you're on it in most cases. This is a blacklist of people who are not eligible for any future GBAtemp event prizes. The only people who know who is on this list are GBAtemp staff and Santa, and nobody is tellin'.

    7. All entries must be submitted my 12/17/2013, 11:59 PM PST. All entries must be submitted in this thread. Entries Emailed or PMed to me will be ignored.

    8. This week forward, everyone including brand new members can participate in Tempmas events! Yes, even you, Mr. Lurker! All you have to do is have a GBAtemp account! Oh, and obviously follow the directions and rules of the actual contests. That's important, too.

    9. The prize eligibility is as follows: 1st place has a choice of EITHER a game from Steam OR a Gateway flash cart. Places 2nd through 4th are eligible for one Gateway Flashcart, unless in the event that 1st place declines the Steam game. In that case 2nd place will have the choice of Steam game or flash cart, and so on.
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    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
    Gonna have to mull this one over in my head for a bit. I've got one I want to write about a certain event that happened here earlier this year, but I've got a gut feeling that's going to rub some people the wrong way.

    Good luck all :)
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    I might try something, even if I don't win a flashcart. Maybe I'll find time in between studying for my finals... :)
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    AHA! A writing contest! Good luck everyone! :)
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    If I win could I get the GameMaker: Studio Master Collection? :P
  6. filfat

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    Fluto exactly what I thought XD but I don't think so, that dev tool is expensive...
  7. TwinRetro

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    Not a chance.
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    Creepy Zombie Santa is creepy! Good luck guys!
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    Alrighty then here is my story(yes I know the story doesn't make sense, but it has rhymes):

    Its was a dark and stormy night the day before tempmas would arrive.
    My Dad were out and got some fuel so he could drive.
    However the weightless snow falls over the road,
    Which made unable to see the broad.
    He said challenge accepted.
    And started concepten.
    "is the end or will I survive?"
    "I will at least never arrive!"
    When the big day come we still haven't seen a sight of dad.
    Did he do something bad?
    We went out to look for him.
    But we find the big green grim?
    "Shouldn't you be in a movie?" I asked
    "No that movie got old years ago" he passed.
    I sad "Well that's too bad".
    And I thought "maybe he can help us if I get him glad"
    So I fired up my Samsung HD camera and started shooting a video.
    Lucky us we stood in front of presidio.
    The presidio was old and bold.
    Also it was kinda cold.
    He said "I will tell this story to my children of I get some!".
    Then I answered "Well, lets hope that isn't the case I mean look at your thumb."
    When the casting was done we would soon get the help I thought.
    At least we would get something with what we bought.
    He said "I will gladly repay you!" and he gave use a map.
    We said thanks then he stared a lap.
    Apparently the map was a map for a big lap which would lead to dad.
    I was iterate but kept cool so I wouldn't get mad.
    After about 11 meters or 6 feet.
    We were already beaten and thought about cheat.
    But I said "No, we can't cheat I respect the game to much for crap like that!"
    We needed a plan so we sat down to chat.
    We all agreed to take the car to cheat.
    Even though I had cold feet.
    After a while I stopped the car.
    You gotta see this bar.
    Mom said "No, we don't got time, now get out of the car so we can run the last part"
    I said "Wow, that was actually kinda smart!"
    At the end we finally saw dad. He told us that it were all a prank.
    We laughed, I said " well I now drove a blank.".
    Finally we all could enjoy tempas together.
    Even with this wether.
    The story ends here with a weird ending.
    Because I have hack pending.
    Thank you for reading I hope that you enjoyed.
    Also that it gave you some joy! :D
    also remember to like this post.
    And if you will get lucky maybe you will see a ghost.
    Seriously now I have to go.
    Or else the hack will blow.
    Also did you notice this story is over 500 words.
    Or at least with some more birds.
    God admit, just 468 words just a little bit more.
    This reminds me I need to check my core.
    I hope that was enough words and if not I feel bad.
    And maybe a bit sad :/
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  10. filfat

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    Nov 24, 2012
    What I weird story.
    Btw I may get saury.
    All this rhymes, Now I can't stop.
    I guess I just have to drop.
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    It was December 1st, and a cold day at that. I could see my breath clearly, as I struggled with my hat. -40 degrees Celsius with wind chill as well. Just imagine the exact opposite of HELL! I started my journey, on this cold winters morn, because the internet was down so I could not watch porn. I headed outside met with an immediate chill, a cold so unpleasant, to get out of it you'd kill. I headed to main street, when I got of the train. Soon I would have something to dull my pain. A used game shop, from across the ages, games on the shelf filled with stages and stages. Stages and rounds, chapters and laps. A game for everyone and all to cure boredom in a snap!

    Now thinking about it... What shall I play? "There is so many choices, I could be here all day!" I saw the big ads for the new Xbox One, but a console at launch is never any fun. Revisions are needed and the hardware is shot... I would be better off to just buy a big bag of pot. That would dull my frustration and my woes for certain, but $500 for garbage? I sure would be hurting.

    Then the PS4 games had gathered my sight, but through hordes of fanboi's I had to fight! "DRM this" and "DLC that", made me start wishing I had brought my bat. A couple swings to the left, and then to the right would probably get me to playing Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag tonight. But no bat I brought, and the PS4 is screwed too, I think I will wait 6 months then we will see what I do.

    Then it grabbed me... I couldn't walk past it even if I was blind. A 3DS XL for just $149! It was an opened box, so they sold it for cheap. I bought that thing promptly, just like it was the new iPhone, and I was an Apple sheep.

    Its been a few days now, 10 days in fact. But I have a new problem which I need to counteract! See I ventured in deeply in to GBATemp, that for the last several days I have become unkempt! I sit up all night browsing these posts, haunting the forums like a horde of ghosts. 3DS works with my old Supercard DSTwo, and the files are all hosted on Filetrip too! I flash up my homebrew in a matter of time, at the same time my family wonders if I am fine... I finish old games that I never beat in the past, but boy this here flashcard sure kills the battery fast.

    But now this is all old school, I have done this before. I have done EVERYTHING with the DSi, I made it my whore! I delve in now further, deeper inside. I see a question posted, on the pages right side. A question is asked about a certain task, who new you could get this kind of help if you simply ask.

    The days now go by, as Christmas draws near, at a rate faster than I can chug beer. The sun set by 3 and the weather gets cold, but I am reading tutorials and doing as told. "First, make sure you have the files in the root of the device" is often the handiest piece of advice. "Make sure to not update..." is stated as new ones come out. "Will I loose my homebrew? Has anyone found out?"

    But that's not all, there is more you see. GBATemp is a community. From all over the world and all walks of life, either with first world problems or living in strife. For just a few minutes, maybe every second or third day, you can catch up with someone who will have something to say. And as we close on the bright side, I will end this in the classiest of ways:

    By wishing everyone here a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy Holidays!
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    The Curse of Tempmas 2013 3D
    Temper stood by the window of his cold and sparsely furnished room gazing blankly at nothing in particular. Outside a light fog hung in the air, making his view even more grey and bland than usual. Temper was a very bored and unhappy fellow you see, his life was as boring and grey as the view outside his room. In the far distance he could see Tempviles only place of employment, the local poison mines and the tiny ant like figures of the local miners heading inside it for their daily 18 hour shift. He knew that would be his fate too in a year or two, scrapping out poisons from the mine with his bare hands which would later be used to euthanize small animals, children and the elderly. Temper sighed and sat on his bed with his head in his hands and tried to fight off the bitter pain of despair that was slowly trying to work its way out of his stomach and into his throat.

    Suddenly a blue light filled his room and the greyness was washed away in an instant. He looked up and into the corner at the 12" CRT display of his pentium 2 PC, his favourite site GBAtemp.net had finally loaded on his 32kb dial up connection! Temper let the blue glow wash over his face for a second, he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply as the comfort of GBAtemp pushed the crushing sorrow he felt down to the pit of his stomach where it could be kept at bay. A moment later he stood up and made his way to his desk, a journey of only a few steps but one that took him a million miles away from Tempvile and its horrors.

    Temper loved being on GBAtemp, he had thousands of posts there and everyone knew him. He talked all day long about Nintendo and how great Nintendo are. He made sure that if anyone doubted Nintendo's greatness they would know that they are wrong and that every game they make is a perfectly polished jewel of joy. He couldn't wait to read GBAtemps news sections so he could learn the latest news concerning Nintendo and find out what new adventures his friends Mario and Link would take part in on Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U. Oh, how temper dreamed of being able to play on a Wii U one day, it sounded so great and innovative, an incredible powerhouse console of your dreams. Temper turned around and gazed at his bed for brief moment and sighed, and then quickly focused his attention back on GBAtemp on his pitiful 800 x 600 resolution CRT monitor.

    As GBAtemps homepage slowly refreshed for the hundredth time that day Temper noticed something different about it. New news had been posted but not just any news, this was the news that every GBAtemp member, either a Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft fan waited for eagerly, patiently, every year and it was here! Tempmas was here again! Temper jumped up out of his seat as high as his brittle bones and withered muscles would let him and he danced around the room singing "LA LA LA TEMPMAS TIME IS HERE WOOOHOOO!" After a few minutes of celebration he sat back down at his desk, he had not even read the thread yet but he did not care it was tempmas time again! He knew the prizes would be luxurious an every entry would be awesome, oh how great this month would be!

    He slowly read the thread to find out what the competition was, it was a tempas story contest. Temper sat back and thought to himself he could actually do this. He could WIN! Years of posting thousands of posts on GBAtemp had made him an expert writer, all he had in his life was Nintendo, GBAtemp and dreams, if he could combine the three together he could write the greatest Tempmas tale ever written! So he set to work, working day and night, not leaving his desk, foregoing his food and cancer medicines. He slowly spun the greatest story ever written, he was in it with all his friends, Mario, Link, Luigi, Toad, they were all there with him! King Koopa wanted to ruin Tempmas by filing a DMCA notice against GBAtemp but Temper went on an epic adventure to save the day! And there was colour everywhere, the sky was blue, there were no poisons in the air and at the end of it all he became a hero and had saved the day!

    He was just about to finish his story when he heard a loud "pop" noise and then his face was bathed in a different colour of blue from his little monitor. After being on for almost a week while he wrote the story his poor little pentium 2 had finally given out. The blue glow that now filled his room was from a BSOD. Temper screamed "NOOOOOOO" and went to stand up from his chair for the fist time in six days and collapsed through sheer exhaustion. As he lay on his floor he saw smoke pouring out of his poor little PC that had served him so well. It was over. Nobody would read his story, it was gone. He could never afford a new computer before being forced to work in the poison mines of his dreadful town, he would never be able to visit GBAtemp again. Still on the floor he turned his head towards his bed as tears ran down his face. Underneath his bed he could see a pristine Wii U box, at that moment Temper lost conciousness.

    It was this time last year, the worldwide launch of the Wii U. Temper could not wait, he was so excited. Since it was announced Temper had been carefully saving his money and working odd jobs for people he knew, clearing gutters, moving lawns and cleaning toilets. It was hard nasty work but it was worth it. For almost a year Temper had only eaten the cheapest of Tempviles potatoes, the ones grown in the most toxic parts of its acid fields that the farmers would feed to rats in order to kill them. It was worth it though, he had just enough for a Wii U 32GB premium and copy of Nintendoland! He couldn't even afford the bus fare to NeoGafpolis ten miles away, the closest place which sold Wii U's, but he didn't care and walked the entire way there and back on launch day.

    As he sat on the floor of his room he carefully unpacked his Wii U from its box and set it up for the first time, his hands sweaty with anticipation. He imagined what joys awaited him in Nintendoland as he turned on his TV and then booted up his treasured Wii U for the first time. Slowly as he looked at the screen his jaw slowly dropped as tears rolled down his face. Day one update is required, it is over 1GB in size and Temper had no way to connect his Wii U to his dial up connection, even if he did it would take an eternity to download. Temper slowly unplugged and put his Wii U back in its packaging carefully, just as it came, he closed the box and slid the Wii U under his bed and never touched it again.

    Temper awoke too weak to move and still on the floor. His PC was mostly ashes with just a small piece of the case still recognisable. He stretched out his hand towards the Wii U box under his bed and after a few hours of fingering and clawing at it he got a good enough grip to slowly pull it towards him. As Temper slowly faded away he hugged his Wii U box and lived out his story that nobody would ever read over and over again in his mind.

    A year passed and finally someone came looking for Temper, it was his time to go to the mines. When they opened the door to his room all that was left was a fragile little skeleton clutching a pristine Wii U box. It was OK though Temper would not want anyone to be sad for him, he died with all of his friends, Mario, Link, Luigi and Toad and they all loved him because he was the hero who had saved Tempmas.
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  13. Zeliga

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    Sep 28, 2013
    Good luck to all you guys, im not that good at writing stories
  14. Gahars

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    New Jersey

    Wow, way to ruin my Christmas, Twin. You're such a Grinch!
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    Dec 12, 2009
    Hello, my name is Temper999 and ever since I was a little temper I wanted to receive something special at Gbatemp during Tempmas, although I never got the chance to do so because I was afraid of ‘trolls’ and this is my story of how I learnt of the true meaning of Tempmas.

    Tempmas was that time of the year when many tempers would gather to Gbatemp in an attempt to reach its pinnacle and gather the rare prizes being offered that year. It was a wonder where all these prizes came from, but it was an appreciated boon nonetheless. Although, there are rumors that they came from Father Tempmas and his wonderful sponsors.

    Some years it was hard for an ordinary temper to try their luck and risk their temping lives to even get the chance to win a prize.

    Of course they failed and like them I was going to try chance at coming close. So I set off for Gbatemp, leaving the safety of my firewall and venturing the outskirts lying in between it and Gbatemp.

    I had never gone that far away from my home; this was time was different. Gbatemp seemed less rowdy, from what I could tell. I knew where to stay away from since I could usually hear the frenetic laughs from the trolls around this time of year, yet there wasn't a sound.

    So I pressed on, clutching my IP address tightly, for I knew if they were around, they wouldn't hesitate to steal it and use it against me. As I went further into Gbatemp I began to hear faint shuffling of frantic feet around the area and I paused. Could these be the trolls?

    I stopped to try and use a proxy but the shuffling disappeared and what soon replaced it was that familiar cackling I knew too well… trolls.

    Not wasting another moment, I ran forward mustering all my internet speed could provide.
    They were faster. I was halfway up Gbatemp and they were but two megabytes away from me before I started to lag.

    I crashed, losing some of my memory. As I began to reboot, I saw them gathered by a fire not far from where I was. They were busy laughing and being merry?

    I never heard of such trolls.

    From what I could make out I was still in Gbatemp, for the pinnacle was stood just a short distance away from me. When I got up from where I was from I noticed where we were: a chat-room. They had trapped me with them.

    Slowly backing away from them, I tried to take the exit by clicking the back button. Click. Oh, no I clicked too early and opened up their link. They turned their heads but I couldn't make out their faces; that crash from before hit me hard. Their usernames were hidden and I was afraid
    Without another moment’s notice I made a desperate attempt to escape one last time but their message had already reached me.

    ‘Merry Tempmas J

    Suddenly, I was able to see they names and faces and found them not to be trolls: they were nice tempers. That cackling wasn't from their joys off of exhibiting trollish behavior; it was great guffaws from their interesting conversations filled with banter.

    They shared what they had and so I decided to spend the second week of Tempmas with them here on Gbatemp. For I began to realize just how much I liked their company here on Gbatemp and from then on, I abandoned my selfish wish to go to the pinnacle.

    That night I swore I saw Father Tempmas flying through the server.
  16. YoshiInAVoid

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    Jan 10, 2011
    Dennis the Temper was beginning to fall behind on his rent; you all know how it goes at this time of the year, being forced to lug your ass around the mall, buying gifts for relatives you see maybe three times a year whilst the store blasts enough Christmas jingles to turn a Temper insane.

    Dennis needed money, and so, as much as he hated the store, he reluctantly decided to acquire a temporary job at Gamestop. He got the job without much hassle since they were stocking up on staff for the busiest time of the year, Tempmas.

    The next morning, after checking the Temp, Dennis took the bus down to Gamestop for his first day of work. The manager welcomed Dennis before leading him to a doorway at the back of the store. Dennis followed, assuming it would be some kind of store room or office, but the manager pulled open the door only to reveal an old wooden staircase.

    They walked down, a soft moan like creek echoing after each step. “Could these be the cries of every Temper who has ever been ripped off by Gamestop?” Dennis wondered to himself. His pulse started to rise; they must have been walking for about two minutes by now and the bottom of the staircase was still out of sight, it was like playing Super Mario 64 all over again for Dennis.

    Finally they came to an overly warm cave like room with an ambient red glow. It was hell.

    After closing the “Please note that WinRar is not free software and that after a 40 day trial period you must buy a license” message, the manager then proceeded to unzip himself from a human suit and emerge as the devil that he is.

    He began to tell Dennis of his plans to impersonate the CEO of Nintendo so that he can include brainwashing technology into the next gen of Nintendo systems, how he has been plotting to zombify us all into becoming his henchmen, and how he will then use us to take over the world one Temper at a time.

    After a lengthy presentation of his evil plot, Satan then pulled out his smartphone and chanted:

    “Enough chat. Now I shall hypnotise you using the evil that is… casual gaming! Do not try to resist or I shall set my personal spambot, TaeWong on you forever”.

    “Never!” cried Dennis, “the power of Nintendo compels you”!

    Dennis reached into his pocket and pulled out his GBA. Suddenly he felt the blood of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid and Golden Sun pulsating through his veins.

    The exposure to such awesomeness had melted Satan’s face off faster than Reggie Fils-Aime could have said “My body is ready”.

    It was over, the battle of the century, Dennis had done well; he had saved the scene from a world of casual gaming *shudder* and no one would even know it. He then set off home just in time for Tempmas week three, his most anticipated contest of the year.
  17. TheDreamLord

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    Jun 8, 2011
    I would consider writing my forte. I presume all it needs is a Christmas theme and GBATemp? Gimme a couple of days and I'll think of something ;) I enjoy writing.
  18. icharleslin

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    Dec 10, 2013
    United States
    My submission would be 1700 words. Is that okay? (Maybe an edit or two can cut it down a bit)

    Edit: Requesting what "within reason" on upper limit would be.
  19. vayanui8

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    Nov 11, 2013
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    What about all the train lovers out there
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  20. Ryukouki

    Ryukouki See you later, guys.

    Jan 31, 2008
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    A Tempmas Carol

    'Twas the night before Tempmas, and not a creature was stirring... no, fuck that. It really was the night before Tempmas though, and lo and behold, in the Magazine Staff room, Ryukouki was working, all alone, outlining his plans of articles for the new year. Ryukouki was a bit of a workaholic, spending almost all of his hours scrounging news from neighboring websites, preparing to steal and post information to the front page. He did not really have a ton of friends, and kept to himself a lot. All his staff colleagues were out celebrating the holidays, and their work done in tidy piles on their desks. The last staff out the door was his boss Costello that evening, waving and wishing Ryu a happy holidays, hours before. Even though Ryu was done with his end of the year materials, he still had so much work to do with the new year ahead of him. He still had to get on his supervisor p1ngpong's nice list, and avoid getting on the naughty staff list, not to mention his articles. He constantly worried and toiled that his work just was not enough to satisfy his employers.

    After finishing as much work as he could, it was already ten on the night of Tempmas Eve. He went to his melancholy diner, ate his lonely meal, and headed back home. His home looked dark and gloomy, in comparison to the cheery Tempmas lights that adorned his neighbor's homes. He unlocked the door to his house, heaved a sigh, and walked inside, ignoring the loud cheers and happiness oozing from the neighboring homes of those celebrating the holiday season. His house was ominously dark, not a decoration in sight.

    Ryu took a shower, rinsing all the troubles of the holiday season, and climbed into bed shortly thereafter. Falling asleep quickly he was awoken by a noise next to his bedstand, and to his surprise, he found a person standing by. This person seemed unlike a ghost, but not quite human at the same time, and oddly enough it was in the form of his old friend Tom Bombadildo. The ghost introduced himself, and declared in a loud booming voice that Ryu was not in a Tempmas mood, and that he would soon face an untimely demise should he not observe the spirt of Tempmas. The ghost of Tom Bombadildo dragged a reluctant Ryu around to different destinations of his Tempmas pasts, such as the scavenger hunt, the art contests for the new Top Toy DS flash chips. Ryu observed that everyone around him, including himself, was having fun, and the ghost noted to Ryu that he could still have hopes! Ryu was not convinced, however, and concluding that he may have been having a nightmare, proceeded to kick Tom out of his dreams by entertaining him with his memories about repeatedly dying in Dark Souls. :tpi: Tom, being angry about that, departed, but not before providing an ominous warning that his troubles were not close to ending.

    Ryu woke up to darkness. He checked the clock. It was not even midnight yet, but he heard the sounds of a crackling fire. He lurched out of bed, and went to the dining room, where he found himself sitting by the fire, enjoying a hearty meal. This Ryu was more handsome and terrifying than the puzzled one who stood at the door. His features seemed chiseled in stone. The ghost identified himself, and invited Ryu over to eat with a rather menacing hand. Ryu hesitantly sat down, and the ghost began showing scenarios of Ryu enjoying himself with the community, helping those who had problems getting hardware to work, presenting him with accolades for being a good member. Ryu was not convinced, but thanked this ghost anyways and walked back to bed, falling asleep once more.

    Awakening in a cold sweat, Ryu curled over in his bed, and shut his eyes. He awoke what felt like moments later to a bright light. This ghost took the form of pyromaniac123, and Ryu gave his best :mellow: face to pyro, and following that, the ghost dragged Ryu along into the distant future. He dragged Ryu before a computer screen, which had Ryu's GBAtemp profile loaded onto it. Alas, though, the picture of Ryu no longer existed, replaced by a gray and red picture spelling the word "Banned!" The ghost, a mute, pointed at the screen and at Ryu. Ryu, noticing the implied message, yelped in terror, understanding that the meaning of Tempmas was about spending it with his friends in the community and not worrying so much about his works. He pleaded with the ghost of pyro, who continued to smirk at Ryu, relishing in his misery. Ryu, frightened, covered his ears, shut his eyes, and wailed, only for him to wake up in his bed.

    It was bright out! Ryu looked around his room, hugging his bed post, hugging the curtains, and danced around like a madman. He poked his head out the window, and to the nearest wandering person, exclaimed, "I seem to have lost the date, can you tell me what date it is?" The youth, incredulously, looked up at Ryu, and shouted, "Sir, it's Tempmas day!!" Ryu, excited, cried tears of happiness, thinking that he missed Tempmas day. He vowed, after witnessing the terrors that were the ghosts of Tom and pyro, to live a more cheerful and not-so-work-oriented life. Hastily decorating the house, he hurried onto the GBAtemp site, and posted his remaining works, and announcing to the Shoutbox that he was done for the remainder of the year.

    Just two days after the holiday festivities, Ryu was back in the staff room, and everyone immediately noticed his cheerful demeanor. Costello even offered a raise to Ryu as he liked his new attitude. And thus, after witnessing the events of the Tempmas Past and Future, Ryukouki found the true meaning of the Tempmas holidays.


    And now, from me to every one of you guys, Happy Holidays! :wub: