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    So I have been thinking it is about time members had a way to let other members know about their gaming streams on services like Twitch and youtube without breaking the rules on advertising. I will make this thread for you all to post in and we will see how it goes, as long as everyone follows the ground rules I will keep it open. The rules for posting here are as follows.

    • You may only advertise your stream once every 12 hours and no more. Please do not constantly spam this thread as you will be locked out of it.
    • This thread is only for advertising live streams whether they be gaming or something like twitchs creative streaming services. This is not for advertising youtube channels and previously recorded lets plays and so on.
    • Please keep the conversational posts to a minimum, useless posts like "I will be there!" etc make streamers links less visible.
    • Critical comments about peoples streams are not welcome here, lets keep things positive.
    • Please only post YOUR OWN stream links here, do not advertise other peoples.

    Have fun!
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    I don't really have a set schedule, so I recommend turning email notifications on. I pretty much exclusively stream Dead by Daylight. I'm going to expand out to other games tho
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