Tech demo from 2011

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    Nov 28, 2011
    I'm not saying I believe this is real but there is so much back and forth arguing n this videos comment section, that I wanted to check with anyone who may have knowledge on this. There was allegedly a public tech demo back in 2011(where? I don't know) showcasing the 3DS at its full power. There was also allegedly articles written confirming it but I can't find those anywhere.

    Now, there are several issues with this video that might point to it being fake such as the way the screen is positioned and the dark environment. But at the same time. The graphical fidelity of the demo isn't exactly out there either:

    Does anyone know weather this has been debunked or not? Any articles on it or anything? There hasn'tbeen any follow up on this since it was put up.
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    First video is as fake as it gets.

    Second video is real, as it's a tech demo made to showcase what you COULD do with the chip. But usually it's an unrealistic benchmark (only one polygonal model moving, small ambient, etc.) only made to show the chipset in better light than it would otherwise.