Tales of Vesperia EU release

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    Game: Tales of Vesperia

    Platform: Xbox 360

    Publisher: Namco Bandai

    Developer: Namco Tales

    Release info: August 7th 2008 - JP
    August 26th 2008 - NA
    June - EU

    Age Rating: Teen/ 12 and over

    Game info: Nacmo Tales has announced that they're releasing Tales of Vesperia in June 2009. The gameplay in Vesperia has an improved battle system of 'Tales of the Abyss' battles. Called Evolved Flex-Range Linear Motion Battle System (EFR-LMBS). Like all the other Tales games it's a single player and multi-player co-op. Just like Symphonia and Abyss, Vesperia has Overlimit's. The Xbox Live is only for downloadable content.