taking screenshots on error screens?? [a9lh]

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    I would like to be able to take a screenshot of my error screens similar to taking screenshots with hans in the hbl so I can upload the arm 11 crash error I have been having with twloader... I really want to go back to playing pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of sky!!! please help me!!!
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    If it's Luma3DS's error handler, it writes the error dump to a file on the SD card. The error screen should show where it's being written to.
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    You can use a camera to take them. Also, delete twloader and the side cia to hopefully fix the issue. If that still doesnt help, delete the _nds folder on the root of the sd card after deleting both apps. By the way, you can only read your life story if you inspect the page source, since it gets cut out.