Tactical RPG for the Switch

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    Anyone know if and or when/if one of these are coming out for the switch. Looking for one like Fire Emblem or God Wars. I could just go back to the 3ds or Wii U but Id rather stick to the Switch.
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    There's God Wars for the Switch now if you wish to replay that, Mercenary Saga Chronicles, Mario and Rabbids, Disgaea 5, and the three Banner Saga games. In a few weeks, Valkyria Chronicles 4 comes out, which hopefully will be good. Of the set out currently, I'd go with The Banner Saga games first.
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    some more titles :
    Ambition of slimes
    Nobunaga's Ambition 15 (more historical strategy than tactical? )

    Unreleased (but this thread will still be visible later) :
    Disgaea 1 complete [Oct 2018]
    Magic Scroll Tactics (2D sideview, but still tactics)
    Fire Emblem Three Houses [2019]
    Valkyria 4 has a playable demo is you want. [2019 sept 2018]

    We had a previous console's "RPG list thread", maybe one for switch could be created too.
    3DS rpg list
    DS rpg list
    Switch RPG List, anyone?
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    I was playing Valkyria 4's demo the other day, and it is looking good.
    Just download it for free on the eShop and check if it is your cup of tea.
    I think it is coming in September 25th, so... less than a month.
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    I wish they would make another Final Fantasy Tactics game for the switch!