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Discussion in 'Android' started by GamerzHell9137, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. GamerzHell9137

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    A friend of mine has a Pipo Tablet and for some reason it doesn't work properly.
    It worked fine and then all of a sudden things started to break.
    The first that i saw is the button that bring you to the android home screen, it just doesn't work.
    Other than that idk what's wrong, i'm testing it right now.

    Is the OS corrupted or something like that? Is it possible to reinstall Android OS on the tablet?

    EDIT: Some other shortcuts on home menu don't work, like the wifi icon, it should bring you to the wifi settings page but it doesn't do anything

    EDIT2: Can't access Google Play even thou i'm connected to wifi, says " no connection "
    Web browsing works fine.

    EDIT3: Guess Factory format helped, didn't thought it will, close thread.
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    Thread locked at OPs request.
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