T.T I need help, updated to 4.2

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    Nov 19, 2009
    Hi, all, I recently updated my hard-modded wii to version 4.2U through the internet. I've always updated and I've never had problems so I thought it'd be okay. However, ever since I updated to 4.2 U I can't play my backups and burnt games anymore!!

    So...as far as I know I can do 2 things?

    1. Downgrade back to 3.2 or 4.0
    2. Soft-mod it >.>

    However, I have some concerns which I'd like to make sure of before I attempt either.

    For #1 I've been told by many people to never attempt downgrades since they have high chance of bricking my wii...which would be bad [​IMG].
    For #2 although I guess it seems better considering my concerns about #1, it sounds stupid to have to soft-mod my hard-modded wii, and I have no idea how softmod works, with all these NeoGamma, loader, twilight, terms I see everywhere O.o

    So, if anyone can help, I would like to know which I should do, and if there are any other alternatives other than the ones I have listed already. Thx in advance [​IMG]