System transfer, emunand and nnid....

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    Feb 16, 2015
    Hello !

    A friend of mine lended me his O3ds, so i could use rxtool on it.
    Now I have rxtools and a few gba games on emunand.

    I want to do a system transfer from my Rxtool emunand to his N3DS, so he can have access to the eshop games he bought.

    I plan to use a new, blank sd card, format emunand, update it to 9.8 and transfer it to his n3DS, that way he should keep his games, and then get back to my own emunand.

    The problem is, can I still use the same emunand(the one with my gba games on it)? Since it won't have transfered, will it keep the same nnid? Is it safe to go online?