System transfer causes Activity Log to get stuck on system settings

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  1. Amapola62

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    Oct 25, 2015
    So I system transfered from my o3ds sysnand to my o3dsXL Emunand back in December, and afterwards I noticed that in my play time daily record claimed I used system settings 24/7...New software gets added to the librabry and their play times is also counted there but they don't appear in the daily records...only system settings...
    When I installed A9LH on my system I copied the emunand to sysnand and it transfered the glitchy activity log...

    i have another o3DS whose activity log works well (the one i system transfered fom) can I extract it form there or dump some partitions/saves from that console and inject them on the XL to get it un-stuck from system settings...

    What the software library says about System Settings : total time played: 9999:00, N° Times played: 213 Average play time: 46:56 First Played: 29/08/2012 Last Played: 26/09/2016
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    This is a known issue. Maybe Cthulu will be able to erase System Settings one day (it can't yet unfortunately).