System stuck on black screen after arm9loaderhax install

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    Jan 5, 2016
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    I went to the web site. After I hit enter my screen seemed to freeze and nothing happened. I hit select like the instructions said. I waited a bit and rebooted by holding power button down. Now when I hit power the blue light comes on but screen is black. Also in a9lh on sd card I dont see OTP.bin. Please help.

    edit: I removed sd card and it worked but everytime I go to the github site my 3ds freezes

    edit 2: I got it working. Not sure what the issue was but its working now.
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    Try turning on your 3ds w/o the sd card and report back your results
    If it turns on then check if you have arm11.bin and arm9.bin In the root of sd

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    Also try initializing data
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