Question sx os ver 2.0 common questions

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    Jul 7, 2018
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    Hi, so emunand....i have questions but no answers, if there are enlightened people out there, plz answer the following if you can!

    1) do my games and saves remain the same when i boot into CFW as they were before using emunand or do i have to backup saves or watever, also XCI's appeared as carts on OFW, they still there or not? also any changes to OFW at all?

    2) Backing up nand im sure is to the SD card, howmuch space is needed?

    3) Im confused as to which one should be updated to the latest firmware?! emunand? sysnand? Both? Does it matter?

    4) Is there a way to clear my sysnand or should i just leave it as is before using emunand, also any possibility of going online with sysnand without being banned after using emunand?

    5) Is nintendo charging for playing fortnite, is it still free or not anymore? (ie is it part of their paid online crap).

    I appreciate all meaningful comments to clear some of the unanswered stuff before jumping into emunand head first!
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    1) Your saves remain the same

    2)Depends on how many games you have installed on your system. That should be the very FIRST thing you do

    3) Supposedly you are meant to update "emunand" and leaves sysnand the way it is now. However if you're already on sysnand above 4.0 it's pretty pointless

    4)You can't "clean" your nand. As for the online thing, well, no one knows YET. Best not risk it

    5)The game itself is free but since the online subscription advertises online play, one could think that it means you have to pay to play Fortnite online. however they could do like PS4 does it, where you don't need PS+ for the free to play MMOS they have available and only use it for the AAA games. Nintendo makes that very unclear
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    You won't need the subscription to play Fortnite. Nintendo says that in the Switch Online it's not that they don't make it clear, it's that they don't make it clear there's an FAQ I guess. :)
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  4. Phoenixrite

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    Jul 7, 2018
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    thanks that about answers all questions i got.:yayswitch:

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    Thanks i might try online on my sysnand as its pretty clean after the dust settles, only ever played xci's and installed auto rcm then uninstalled due to battery drain and never went online since i installed cfw. miss playing fortnite