Hacking Question SX OS Pro with EmuNAND Issue


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Aug 11, 2012
United States

I have been trying to launch EmuNAND with the CFW for a while but unfortunately I have had some issues. After I got EmuNAND installed and the Pro dongle, if EmuNAND is enabled and I try to boot into CFW, it will show the Nintendo logo but then be a black screen from there on out. Power button, etc, does absolutely nothing. I would need to hold the power button for roughly 10 seconds for it to allow me to do anything with it again. After that, I can go back into the boot loader and disable EmuNAND and boot the CFW, but obviously that is cause for banning if online.

I don't know how to get past this part unfortunately. The SD card is good and formatted right, when in the CFW, everything seems to be working fine and I can launch XCI files, etc etc.

Once I can get the EmuNAND working, I did put the backup of the radnand in the proper folder to restore back to what it was, but am still trying to figure this whole part out.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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