Switch from A9LH to B9S

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  1. ehnoah

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    Oct 9, 2012
    So I try to use this Guide to swap to B9S on my New3DS


    Sadly if I Hold Start while booting I get to "Decrypt9WIP" instead of the LUMA Chain that should load.

    I also dont have a arm9loaderhax File I just have a Folder called A9LH.

    If I boot with SELECT I get Bootmanager (which is A9LH/bootmanager/)
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  2. Majickhat55

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    Mar 28, 2016
    United States
    What version of Luma are you on and how many payloads do you have in the folder? Old versions of Luma's chainloader work with button presses corresponding to the named payload. Later versions, will directly load the payload in the folder if there is only one.

    Anyway before you start, just delete the Luma folder entirely and make a new one. Then download this version of luma and put the arm9loaderhax.bin on the root of your SD card, to get rid of your bootmanager. Then just follow the guide you linked to the T. It will have you download everything you'll need and tell you where to put it. Don't worry about any of your old *hax* files, because you won't need them.
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