1. rexsoft

    OP rexsoft Newbie

    Nov 29, 2008
    Symptom: when switching on in normal mode (ofw / sysnand), display of the Nintendo logo then black screen (the switch logo does not appear).

    At this stage, the Switch remains frozen, impossible to turn it off or restart it
    - Neither by pressing and holding the power on / off button
    - Nor in Recovery Mode by the different combinations of vol + / vol- / power keys
    - Neither by the Tegra fault in RCM with a Jig and vol + / power

    The only way to turn it off (and be able to restart) is to physically disconnect the battery (so after removing the cover, the SD card reader and the metal plate).

    After disconnecting / reconnecting the battery, it is still not possible to start it in normal mode or in Recovery mode, on the other hand it is possible to start it via the Tegra fault (Jig and vol + / power).
    In this mode, it is well recognized by TegraRCM (or by an SX PRO dongle).

    Via TegraRCM we manage to inject a payload (TegraRCM says OK), but when the Switch starts (after injection), it remains issue:

    - With SXOS: error "BOOT.DAT?" The same with an SX PRO dongle.
    She cannot load the boot.dat file found at the root of the SD card.

    - With Fusee_Atmosphere or Hekate:
    uSD: failed to process the DMA transfer!
    uSD: failed to switch to hight-speed from low voltage!
    fatal error: failed to initialize the SD card!

    Tests carried out (all unsuccessful: same result):
    - SD card change (test in FAT32 and in exFAT)
    - Battery change (with another Switch charged to 100%)
    - Change SD card reader (with another Switch)

    can someone help me ?
  2. Draxzelex

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    Aug 6, 2017
    United States
    I would try using this to rebuild your NAND.
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