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    Sep 21, 2012
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    Ok, so I plugged in my Switch so my son and I could do some marathon Mario Kart 8 last night. Here's the deal, I have not hacked my switch at all, I fully intend to do so the second a proper SD card EmuNand is available for free and not the SX OS Dual Boot thing (Obviously unsafe). Now, my network is behind a pfSense box. As some of you no doubtedly know, pfSense is probably the most secure and capable firewall setup you can have while not ponying up for true enterprise-grade hardware and software. Now, I have my Switch set to a static IP and it is 100% fully blocked at the pfSense box to prevent it from updating as I would like to stay on 5.x. Here in lies the strangeness. It used to remain connected to the network just without internet, I did this so I would be able to have FTP access and such eventually yet not allow ninty to actually get any of my data. This has been normal and working exactly as I expected for almost two months now. Today though, it somehow is prompting for a software update and it now is no longer connected to my network without internet, which I find INSANE. How in god's name are they doing this? How do they know that there is an update available when it cannot access the internet at all? How can they cause my Switch to actively disconnect from the network in an attempt to force me to give it internet without it being connected to the internet? This is perplexing to me because this implies they either are somehow able to make it detect there is an update without internet or they have hardcoded scheduled updates so even when offline, it forces the prompt. Thought? How exactly do I block this prompt entirely if not having it connected to the internet is not enough?
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