Sweeps - New NDS Homebrew

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    Sweeps - New NDS Homebrew
    Minesweeper-type homebrew
    I have created a puzzle game inspired by Minesweeper. There are 10 mines hidden in a grid of 64 squares. Every time you try the puzzle, the mines are in different (random) places.

    The objective is not to uncover any mines by touching them with the stylus. When there are no more squares to touch that would not reveal a mine, you win, and your time is displayed.

    If a square is not a mine, it displays a number, which tells you how many mines surround it (there are 8 squares surrounding it). Also, you will see little indicators like "TR" and "B" on the screen, which tell you where the mines are around the current square (T = top, R = right, L = left, B = bottom, M = middle). So:

    TR = Top Right
    ML = Middle Left
    B = Bottom
    T = Top
    These are the squares to avoid.

    The objective is to become "safe", and do so as fast as possible. Remember, your soldiers are relying on you!

    My best time is 29 seconds in DeSmuME, and 32 seconds on DS Lite.

    You can also download the source of this game, exported from DSGM: http://dsgamemaker.com/SweepSource.zip


    Contributed by DSGameMaker
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    Why would you care?
    Aint that picture from minesweeper the movie or something? The top one.
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    lots of minesweeper homebrew
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    No matter how many times you play it, it keeps addictive xD
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    Why would you care?
    Do it with minecraft, some serious shit there!