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    Dec 28, 2015
    Ok this problem bugs me out.

    Today like any day i switched on my n3ds on 9.2 with emunand via rxtools and it works ok. After a while 3D starts to not work properly. It is all over the place with 3D effect like i would move my head where i don't. Ok i restart n3ds, everything works. Play game then it again crashes.

    I go to system settings and do 3D calibrate and voila i see on screen that my head seems to move completely in random directions often being corners not in front of screen like i have my head.

    Also i notice that when this happens IR camera doesn't work and regardless if there is light or no light in room it doesn't seem to switch on. If feels like it is switched off permanently until next reset of n3ds.

    Then i closed n3ds one last time and opened it and noticed that despite device being open it didn't turn on from sleep mode.

    Ok this means i should inject older emunand now. I injected older emunand i had (not direct sysnand copy) starts to play and it is same problem all over again.

    Naturally i checked if IR and normal camera are clean.
    Someone noticed something like this or happened to you too once ?

    I have clean emunand to restore my backup but i would need then to spend like hours reinstalling games (as titles are on nand not on sd card)

    Anyone have tip for reinstaliing already installed games ?
    Anyone have any tip for that problem ? (it isn't close/open n3ds issue)
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