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    Well guys here we go

    Supercard DSTwo arrived in my hands today

    box was squished slightly but contents where perfectly safe

    so first i got everything out, was all there (box was TINY to what i expected as box could fit in both hands)
    but size doesnt matter

    first i formatted my 16gb SD card that came with it (Panasonic SD formatter)

    added all the firmware

    then turned it on

    it booted to the menu and was smiling ear to ear and enjoying the lushness

    then i turned off and added my old games and saves

    plugged SD card back it

    then turned on


    was like WTF???

    so i turn off and on



    didnt detect the Slot 1 card at all

    so i investigated, while panicking that im going to have to send it back

    then looked very closely for problems, then found what was wrong
    the SD card slot was the answer

    if the card is very slightly tilted it seems to cross tracks and cause the problems

    after getting it in fine all loaded and i was partying it was working again

    so now game testing

    i had added all my R4 games and saves (i had used wood so had to re-name my .nds.sav to just .sav)

    then decided to test all my games

    there where some problems with .sav files [​IMG]

    Zelda Sprit Tracks and Wario Ware DIY .sav's weren't compatible (even after converting no dice, doesn't matter as im further on my real carts anyway)

    saddened by this (not much tho i tested other features)

    GBA emulator (i knew it had bugs so i wasn't expecting much)
    but was surprising good
    games loaded fast and worked well (very very little lag in certain games)
    didnt seem to have many problems at all with my games

    then i was like hmmmm what next

    ah yes video

    i was shocked and very happy

    Moonshell was VERY VERY VERY FAST

    and the exit to firmware button was good

    but what shocked me was video loading time

    was almost INSTANT

    click video BANG there playing, no graphical errors (green stuff) or anything
    just playing my video

    then i skipped a few scenes in video with same result, no problems at all

    then i thought hmmm sturdiness of this card

    i compared to my R4
    was exactly same width and shape, no protruding edges
    fitted perfectly in my slot 1 on my ds
    no stiffness or anything

    so all in all im very pleased with my buy
    only recommendations

    Back up your saves just in case

    and for the makers, make that SD card slot more tight on the side so SD card has no room to move left and right when inserting it

    im now off to play games

    ENJOY and thanks for reading
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    Sep 12, 2009
    Thank you for the review!

    Your writing style is a bit awkward to read, with a new sentence every 2 lined, but once you look around that, you gave us some valuable info about the cart itself. You respect the fact that this is a first batch, and the problems that are there are most likely solved within later batches, also, your moonshell info seemed very useful, since this may be an indication they powered moonshell using the onboard cpu.

    overall, nice review.
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    At least you didn't give up.
  4. 9th_Sage

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    I'm glad you mentioned Moonshell 2's speed on this cart. I thought it seemed faster, but wondered if maybe I was just imagining things.
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    I believe you can edit the .sav files to make them compatible. Depending on what generated the .sav file may make the process different.