supercard dstwo plus or other cards

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    i want to buy a card and be able to use it for my n3ds for backups and custom rom runnings plus running my old backups and new backups.... the only problem is i dont want my system to become a paperweight .... so i am asking on here what is the best card to buy for a n3ds system running the 10.3.0 firmware (if any)

    id like to have the supercard dstwo+ but i am not sure that the bricking bug is fixed yet...
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    I bricked my 2DS using GW 3.6 using DSTwo+ card. Apparently, the 3.41 is safe to use with it (and I had no issues with 3.51), but you won't be able to update to latest emunand 10.3-10.4 with it without risking a brick.

    You're really better off (in my opinion) forgoing a flash card altogether and using ReiNand or RXTools and just run off cia files of your games. That or go with a Sky3DS card, but you can't run custom stuff on that.
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    If you are talking about 3ds roms only the Sky3ds family works natively on 10.3

    There is a way to downgrade from 10.3 to 9.2 however, but isn't 100% safe
    But even then the dstwo+ Is not the best way to play 3ds roms. The brick code hasn't been bypassed yet so their support is outdated

    A cheaper (and arguably a better) way would be downgrade to 9.2 an use a free custom firmware line the RxTools