Supercard DSTwo or EZ Flash IV

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  1. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    Here's the deal:

    I will be coming into $40 long owed to me soon enough. I'm looking to invest it in something related to flash carts and my DS. I have long considered some kind of GBA flash cart, either a 3in1 in conjunction with my R4, or just a EZ Flash IV since the extra functions of the 3in1 aren't really imperative for me. Now though, I really enjoy DS games and being able to play the latest releases. Honestly, I've never had a problem with my R4, even when I was stuck with YSMenu for awhile until Wood got its first release. This leads me to the DS2 among other things. The prospect of the SNES emulator and the GBA emulator are great, but I'm not sure if they are actually worth it.

    Don't rush in screaming "BUY A FUCKING DS2, THAT SHIT BE DOPE." Don't need it, don't want to see it. I'm perfectly aware of what the DS2 can do, but not all that aware of what those specific functions can do. I know the EZ Flash IV has all the GBA emulation needs I could have for my DS, so it is really just a matter of deciding if the DS2 is worth the extra $10 or so I would have to pay.

    Any input would be appreciated. I will also accept any other suggestions as to what to buy if it relates to the topic. No, I don't want to buy an Acekard 2i, an Edge, a Cylo, anything like that. I'm very happy with my little R4 with a 2gb limit as it stands for DS emulation, so only extra features will entice me.
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    The Supercard DSTwo only emulate the GBA games, it is by no means perfect.
    You can get close to full speed with frame skip, but you might, might get bugs or games that simply don't work.

    EZ Flash IV Lite however is a dedicated GBA flashcart that runs GBA games natively, on a GBASP or a DS Lite, whatever.

    Since you already have an R4DS, you might be fine just getting an EZ Flash 3in1, since it can load GBA roms stored on the R4DS. This means you could save money on not buying additional memory, which the IV Lite requires.

    Your definition of emulation is wrong by the way, your R4 is not emulating DS games, it is playing them natively.