Super Wildcard DX2 Bios (b1)

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    May 2, 2003
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    Well I know this post is totally random of me but here goes.

    Anyone ever want to see what the GUI of the SWC DX2 looks like without actually having to fork out $230 to FFE?

    Go grab "ZSNES v1.20" from the official ZSNES downloads page.

    Find the 1 megabyte (8 megabit) Super Wildcard DX2 rom in Cowering's good tools.

    This ROM should load up and run fine without any configuration changes. I was running it last night on my PC, the windows version of ZSNES, and it had full sound and all the menus could be accessed.

    I was told that someone disassembled the original BIOS for this copier and recompiled it in a way that an emulator can play. I tested the ROM on an actual backup unit and it doesn't work. It appears to not work in later versions of ZSNES.