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    I got the first batch of Wii u's that came out last winter. I wanted to buy Super Mario World 3D to play but I know it might require an update to play it. I honestly haven't played it since the last Mario that came out last winter, does anyone know if what minimum version is required to play it?

    I really don't want to upgrade it if I don't have it, since I want to keep it at the current version, just incase any homebrew hacks come out later for the machine and I wouldn't be able hack it later with a new system version.
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    3.1.0u..I posted it in the other topic
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    If anyone releases any Homebrew hacks, it will be compatible with the then current firmware. No one is gonna bother to make a homebrew exploit that can only work on an original Wii U Firmware. You really never want to use the eShop, have the improved performance, or anything else? Just update, it's safe so far.
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    Gateway 3DS? Released when last compatible firmware was half year old?
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    This statement is just wrong. People don't "make" exploits, they are found. And exploits are more likely to be found on earlier versions of the software (it's not firmware, i think), before things and loop holes are patched up etc.
    Saying it's "safe so far" is also a lie. No one can be certain it is safe to update.

    Now, personally I wouldn't bother keeping my system on a low version, I would just update. But that decision has nothing to do with the "safety" of being able to hack it on higher versions.