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Everdrive forum user jonesalmighty started the Super Mario 64 Ultimate Edition(s) project.
The project aims to add a ton of bug fixes to the original ROM types (EU, US, JP and SH editions), and a few new missing features while keeping the original base.
All ROM types also now support the title screen easter egg and rumble support from the SH edition.
The ROM's are uploaded as IPS patches (so you can add them to the ED64 and can be auto applied to the original ROM without the need for patching it (requires renaming the patch to match your base ROM name (minus the file extension)).
He asks for feedback to improve the project.
Here is the current list of changes...
As well as most bug fixes applied to the different versions since the original JP release (except backwards long jump)...
// --| Bug Fixes
/// Fixes bug where it shows burn smoke incorrectly
/// Fixes an oddly defined interaction sub type in penguin mother behavior
/// Fixes bug where the castle trap sound in the entrance of Bowser 1 doesn't play
/// Fixes Bully minion knockback timer by reseting it, more info in the fix itself
/// Fixes Shadow water height level return code
/// Fixes hitbox overlap detection code
/// Fixes hurtbox overlap detection code
/// Fixes camera height in water while being metal mario
/// Fixes camera height in BOB and adds missing breaks in code
/// Fixes Koopa's pink shorts caused by a miscalled light value
/// Fixes audio code preload sequence so it checks sequences instead of banks
/// Corrects the first word of Yoshi's dialogue
/// Fixes object counter so it correctly gets proper value when updating objects
/// TODO: describe: BUGFIX_RESOLVE_OBJECT_COLLISIONS //Commented out as needs a better fix
/// Fixes open door key cutscene on 90-270 degrees
/// Fixes cap cloning when Mario takes a fade warp
/// Fixes completed course not giving lives every 50 coins after 150 coins
/// Fixes drowing sound continously playing while metal mario
/// Fixes turn circle when starting to move
/// Fixes fake pole grab on the bottom of it, allowing to be grabbed anywhere
/// Fixes missing sounds in key exit cutscene caused by missing "break"s in code
/// Fixes duplicated red/white display list in goddard and properly uses the next ones
/// Fixes or rather align manta's water rings to match where it looks
/// Fixes impossible coins (also fixes impossible goomba since it's related)
/// Corrects hud texture fillter, only noticeable on N64 old plugins

// --| lost features
/// Correctly changes blue star model when Klepto is holding it (First star in SSL)
/// Adds unused cracked ice object in SL
/// Properly adds unused SSL Pyramid cutscene after standing on the 4 pillars
/// Changes how Mario grabs a star/key by calling his interactObj define
/// This also makes it so a blue star is shown when grabbing it
/// Adds unused sad eyes for the penguin mother when he lost it's baby
/// Adds more actions to the special triple jump such as wallkick and grabbing
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