Suikoden Tierkreis saved data request

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    i have played Suikoden Tierkreis on my supercard ds for my first time for 5 hours and i have saved my game but when i want to play it again my saved data was gone i thougt i forgot to save so i started all over again then i played to the part where i have given a name for my hq and a name for my groep and have finished three requests for the magedom and i have played for 7 hours to come to that part of the game but i have lost my saved data again so this time i want to play Suikoden Tierkreis on my ds tt so if anyone has a saved data from where i have last saved my game then put it up for download please and i dont know if this is aloud asking for a saved data so please warn me if its not aloud and sorry for my english
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