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Discussion in 'Android' started by eriol33, Mar 9, 2014.

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    hello guys, just recently I discovered this software called splashtop. it's a software that enables your pc to android-devices. it's terrific. I have been trying to stream ps2 game to my android, however I'm not sure what to do next. I'm successfully able to have my joypad detected by my asus tf 101, however the joypad is simply not detected by the laptop. my questions are:

    1. what do I have to do in order to send joypad command from android (splashtop) to pc?
    2. is it possible to map joypad input in android as keyboard command TO the pc (simply said, I want to enable xpadder-like program in android, and use it control game in pc)
    3. is there any way to play steam games from splashtop as well?

    lastly, do you recommend me to buy the splashtop THD?
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    This is old so I doubt you care now, but Kainy HD Remote Gaming Desktop app is the only app I know of to have what you're looking for, but the video feed isn't as smooth as Splashtop.
    Splashtop did used to have a streaming app with gaming functions but they removed it just before Splashtop 2 went out of beta.

    In inclusion of not being as smooth as Splashtop, its also not as user friendly so you'd have to tinker around settings and controller configs. The reason your gamepad isn't working, is because Splashtop doesn't have it built in to accept your gamepad's inputs correctly. If the gamepad isn't communicating well with splashtop, then it can't hope to be sent to the PC.

    I played Rayman Legends through Kainy using a Moga, the fact my laptop was only connected by Wifi might contribute to the poor experience I had