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    Nov 30, 2008
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    i have the original top toy(black and white) dstt, and a ds light. i had 2, but i gave away my working one and recently decided after about a year away from the ds scene that i really missed some games and wanted to try a few new ones. i bought a micro sd card 2gb and put the firmware on the card. none of the new games worked so i tried mario kart and moon.. they worked and work fine, but nothing else will work. it loads and then freezes about 80% of the way in. i have the two games in the root directory, so i make a sub directory and tried putting some roms in there to no avail...

    i am using a macintosh (powerpc emac running 10.5 leopard) to copy the files over not that it shoudl make a difference.

    can soemone walk me thru this and tell me what (im sure) is the obvious mistake i am making!!???

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    Apr 2, 2011
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    Most likely, the firmware you are using is too old, thus it's not compatible with the newest games.
    There is an alternative firmware for dstt called YSmenu that is updated regularly by RetroGameFan.

    here's the link to his thread: http://gbatemp.net/t267243-retrogamefan-updates-releases?

    I think installing YSmenu is pretty self-explanatory; just read the accompanied text files.
    Be sure to bookmark and check that thread oftenly, as that thread is updated when new games are released.

    If you have any questions regarding YSmenu, ask it in the above thread.

    EDIT: just added a quick guide
    1. download RGF's multi-cart update from the above link.
    2. extract the contents of the "DSTT_DSTTi YSMenu" folder from within the file that you downloaded.
    3. put the "TTMenu" (a folder) and "TTMenu.dat" into the root of your SD (the .txt file isn't required)
    4. put your roms anywhere you want (in the root, in a folder, wherever you want)

    NOTE: formatting your SD with the panasonic formatter isn't required, but it is recommended; just remember to back-up your stuff before formatting.
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