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    So i have a new 2ds xl running b9s 1.3 and luma 9.0 and i was just sitting there playing some link between worlds and i was wondering what time it was so i hit the home button and when i did the entire system froze thought this was strange seeing that it never happened before but out of curiosity i noticed the rosalina menu can still open so i just click reboot but when i hit A on reboot for a split second some luma error screen appeared on the bottom screen no idea what it said because it quickly shut off the console and when trying to boot back to system menu it just boots to a black screen and basically just freezes i can still access godmode9 and luma3ds menu just i cant get the system menu to boot for some strange reason any ideas?

    EDIT:after re downloading luma and re setting up my luma ctrnand the system menu booted after a questionable 10 minutes of black screen
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    I've had this random "10 minute black scren" freeze too, after just letting it sit it eventually booted and was normal ever since.
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    Was it actually 10 minutes? Or was it just really long
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    I had it, I set a timer, and it ended up being 11 min, 31 sec, and 546 msec.
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