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    How is it that the only flash cart ever, that has cutouts in the plastic to make clearance for the PCB components has a low supply of stickers to cover said cutouts and protect from dust and static? I've had two Gateways, each came with a single sticker. First one (RHS) had the back sticker, second (Eachmall) had the front sticker.

    Is this bad luck or the norm? Maybe I overvalue the packaging and stickers that come with backup hardware. Still kicking myself for throwing out my Z64 box back in the day.
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    Sep 23, 2013
    bad luck, mine has stickers on the back and front, i did hear there was a time where resellers got a bunch of cards with no packaging from gateway so some resellers just stuck different card stickers on the gateway so they could just sell them asap rather than wait for the packaging to arrive

    if it worries you just put a little square of cello tape over the cutouts
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    I think probably when Gateway were first selling the cards to retailers with minimum interest they where probably making sure the cards were 100% rite sending them out because they had more time on there hands to check the cards being sent out for distribution but then after a while with major inflection of orders came in they then probably started to knock them out quickly not having so much time, not properly checking them i.e. missing stickers etc.., bad connections. There should be no reason why yours is not in perfect working order though and as long as it is, then don't worry just enjoy what the Gateway cards give us all!!! :)