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    I never used Steam until I started playing Portal 2. I beat the game and I am now trying to plat it. I am thinking that I would like to play Portal 1. My understanding is that I cannot play a Steam copy of Portal 1 on my PS3. The Steam copy is half the price of the PSN copy of course.

    Does Steam tell you somewhere that you cannot play a Steam copy of Portal 1 on a PS3?
  2. trumpet-205

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    Steam sells PC games, they don't sell PS3 games.
  3. pokefloote

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    It works the other way around, a copy of Portal 2 on PS3 will give you a code to be redeemed on Steam, and it syncs achievements/trophies (not sure if PC to PS3 but PS3 to PC synced for me.)

    I don't think they did that for Portal 1, though. And Steam won't give anything for PS3 as trumpet-205 said.

    edit: aaaaand I may be late. Less than a month though. Oh well.