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  1. ZeroTm

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    Sep 26, 2008
    Hello, so I would like to play Brawl+, but I dont know how to get it to work. I got a wii 3.2E with twillight hack and Gecko OS with #002 fix installed. Do I need to install anything else?

    Looked in the faq, which didnt really help me with my question. -.-
  2. Sterling

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    Jan 22, 2009
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    really all brawl plus is a codeset that modifies the values of characters to make them more playable.
    If you don't have the brawl plusery, then you need to get it, put it in a folder (I will have to lookup what to name the folder) then run GeckOS it should automatically load the codes into the game. It is not very noticeable at first, but it gets cool after a time!

    EDIT: Ok it says on that it has a file browser, so i guess you *may* not have to put it in a specific folder, but it could be just the realese i was looking at!
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    Dec 20, 2006
    There's already a Brawl+ topic. Why need to make another to get attention?

    Boot it with gecko os. You MUST have the files in the right order in order to load it properly. The .gct file is 1kb in size in the codes folder, and the the one in the pf folder is always bigger. If you downloaded the official Brawl+ codeset, it's 1kb for the codes folder and 4 kb for the pf folder.

    Oh, sorry. The link's wrong. You're sing pal so you have to get the pal codeset. It's best you join us in the chat: the pal codeset is loaded the same way, but I'm not too sure of it's updates. I believe it's still being worked on. But for now, you can always play 3.3 for pal.