Starhawk for PS3 officially confirmed

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Jun 16, 2009

From the creators of Warhawk comes a bold new 3rd Person shooter adventure where you can change the battlefield instantly in the heat of combat.

In the future, humanity’s last hope lies in the lawless frontier of space where factions battle over the universe’s most precious resource, Rift Energy. Caught in the middle is Emmett Graves, an outcast gunslinger who is drawn back to the planet that abandoned him, to face a fierce outlaw and his warband of followers.[/p]
Features said:
  • Intense Air, Ground, and Vehicular Combat
    Access an arsenal of weapons for action-packed run and gun game play or pilot land or air vehicles for an incredible range of combat.
  • New Build & Battle System
    Change the battlefield to your advantage and call down a variety of equipment, vehicles and fortifications instantly from an orbiting drop ship.
  • Full Single Player Campaign
    Caught in-between a warband of merciless enemies and a planet he once called home, outcast gunslinger, Emmett Graves and his partner Cutter must count on an arsenal of weapons and a little luck to bring an outlaw to justice.
  • Epic 32 Multiplayer Battles
    Engage online opponents in vast battlefields spanning 5 unique worlds. Level up your to personalize your experience with player upgrades, skills, and customizable skins for characters and vehicles.
  • Offline and Online Co-op Modes
    Team up with friends by yourself or on 2 player split-screen to defend your claim against waves of enemies in 1-4 player Co-Op Mode
  • Rich Online Community Features
    Easy to use Tournament and Clan support with additional Quick Match and Friends List features. Keep up to date with the Community Events Calendar, Ticker Tape updates, or the Starhawk Android App.
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I really enjoyed Warhawk, so I am hoping this will be just as fun. The Build & Battle system looks... different, I wonder how it will work out. I am glad that there is a single player campaign this time, that is one thing that I thought Warhawk needed.
As for the release date, the source says it is coming out sometime in 2012.

Sorry if this was already posted somewhere, I looked around and couldn't see it.
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