Star Wars Dark Forces on GBA or NDS?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Gameboy MAX, Jun 22, 2014.

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    Has anyone heard of the game Star Wars: Dark Forces being ported to the GBA or DS? I don't see much of a file size difference between it, and DOOM II which runs fine on the GBA. So I don't see why it couldn't run on the GBA let alone the DS. But I've been around the internet and haven't found anything relating to a GBA Star Wars Dark Forces.

    Has anyone heard of this being done, if so, please direct me to it.

    If it's not, It might be an interesting project for me to take on. (Porting the game to GBA/DS) I don't know how difficult it might be, I could be getting into something way out of my league, especially sense I have no experience with coding GBA files.

    Thanks for any info you have on this.
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    The reasons you tend to seem Doom and various other games of similar vintage on everything is because ID and co open sourced the engine. Dark Forces never was open sourced and the engine is different enough that you can not easily crowbar it in there.

    A few projects to remake or reverse engineer Dark Forces have been attempted over the years but I am not aware of any that got to something resembling workable, it has been a while since I did a proper search though.

    Your best bet if you want it on a handheld is to find something that runs dosbox at the appropriate level (so not the GBA or DS) or possibly something with a PS1 emulator (though this version is not the best, even if I reckon it was a bit unfairly treated at the time).
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    I would love to see this. Although it's not an AMAZING game, it was one of the first games I had for the PS1, and I found Doom on the GBA to be one of the most impressive ports I'd ever seen (probably topped only by Monkey Ball Jr). DO IT, MAN.