Question Speculative: Pokemon save Editor?

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    I know, it would be very speculative because no Pokemon game is released for the Nintendo switch, but I wanted to ask for your opinion.

    For the Pokemon main games there is a possibility to edit the savegames with pkhex on a pc. Do you think, there will be a possibility of editing savegames from Pokemon generation 8 (not Pokemon let's go Pikachu/ever) next year? Do you think, the save structure is possible to just load the save in pkhex? Until now, every time a new Pokemon game has been released, pkhex was updated after a few hours so it was able to handle the new save.

    I work on a living dex on my usum games on 3ds and I would love to carry over my Pokemon on the switch version next year.

    I'm interested in your opinion!
  2. Huntereb

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    SciresM and all of the people over at ProjectPokemon hop onto reversing and implementing new saves into PKHex the instant a Pokemon game is out or leaked. PKHex is basically certain to have support for the upcoming Pokemon games.
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    It will all depend on how the game is made and built. But knowing that save modding is possible (and works) it will not take much time to analyze all the data and start manipulating it.

    I think that by the time you can complete the E4 legitly, we will start getting some releases of PkHex
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    It'll happen you just have to give it time after release. The fact we can already backup saves means it'll happen very fast.
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