specific firmware update to 9.2

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    Jul 27, 2015
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    been reading some online stuff and I'm new to this. I have no idea how to get an 8.0 or below firmware to 9.2 so that I can use pokehex.

    I'm looking into gateway right now. Not really sure what that does. People say pkhex will work when I turn my 3ds to gateway. Is there a specific firmware gateway will let me chose form when I install that to my 3ds?

    someone said that if I have a firmware below 9.4 then I can just get rxtools and savedatafilter. Rxtools was confusing when I read about it.

    is there a difference between web and save file injection? I read that web injection requires a specific firmware while using save files will just require me to have any old firmware. Does injection work with retail cartridge too or just rom? I heard gateway injections won't work with cartridge.

    My final solution is to purchase ssb 3ds. I heard it updates to 9.0 firmware without wifi but that it also doesn't update the web browser so I don't know if that would be a problem. But if I can still inject without using web that would be ok?