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    You know those keyrings you can get that play different sound effects? Tend to have about 6 buttons on them? They do them for Mr T, Stewie from Family Guy, etc. I'm wondering. Is it possible to create custom ones? Swap the sound files out for your own, etc? Any ideas?
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    There are many ways to make such a device so without pulling the one you want to hack apart I can not call a definite answer (just a yes it is highly likely you can). While I have yet to pull one apart I would not be surprised if it was just an EEPROM hooked up to a crude selection/playback device- similar to this are the musical greeting cards and those have somewhat of a history of being hacked.

    On the other hand it might be a write once chip or one with fuselines burned in.

    All this being said it is not overly difficult to make up a little device to do this yourself- personally I would consider a bargain basement MP3 player- even 32 megs is enough for close to an hour if you are willing to drop quality (usually OK for voice clips).