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    So, I was thinking of making level maps for Sonic3C 0408 Prototype, mapping the rom out and whatnot.

    Some level maps are here. I plan to update this post when a new level map is added. Mushroom Hill Act 1 layout map + objects will be added when I find the ring position.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Mushroom Hill Act 2 3c_0408 playable. (Will redo in 60fps soon. Will add FBZ videos)

    To Do for MHZ Act 1 3c_0408
    *Ring Position
    *Fix Knuckles event
    *Fix screen lock at the beginning and the mini boss area
    *Make Miniboss spawn in a new location.

    After I fix up Mushroom Hill Zone Act 1, I will make a patch.

    What's next
    *Make level maps for Angel Island Zone to Launch Base, despite the layout being final and some levels use Sonic 3's object layout.
    *Get Sandopolis, Lava Reef, Sky Sanctuary, Death Egg Maps. See if Death Egg Final Boss map exists, same for Doomsday.
    *Port Hyper Sonic stars animation from Sonic 3C 0517
    *See if any earlier layout maps, ring position, or object position exists hidden in the rom.
    *Map the music, sfx, gfx and others.
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